Welcome to a new day!

A strong grassroots interest in an alternative economics has led to the formation of a new group in the Cincinnati region.  The Economics of Compassion Initiative of Greater Cincinnati (ECI) grew from the ground up, as more and more groups and individuals indicated strong interest in supporting alternative economic systems, ones in which workers and owners share benefit, in which the community is enhanced and not harmed—ones marked by justice, community and relationship.

ECI has held numerous public events designed to let Cincinnatians know about an economics of compassion occurring right here at their doorsteps.  Renowned theologian Dr. Walter Brueggemann has offered insights about compassion in economic syswalter-brueggemanntems as envisioned in the Holy Scriptures.  Cincinnati trail-blazers have spoken about their projects involving an alternative economics.  Hundreds of area residents of all faiths and walks of life have joined the conversation.

ECI now will continue to engage the public–both secular and religious–in conversations around the vision of an economics of compassion, as it continues to promote and support local examples of this new and more just and compassionate way.

You are invited to read our newsletter, Compassionomics, on this site to get a picture of some of the wonderful things happening in our region in the area of an alternative economics.

You also are invited to become involved by signing up to work with one of ECI’s Work Circles or by supporting us with a financial gift.